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Always...Patsy Cline

"[T]here’s no recorded music here. When Patsy (the remarkable Meagan Lewis-Michelson) takes the stage and starts to sing, it’s live country all the way...Channeling Cline, versatile vocalist and actor Lewis-Michelson is radiant and literally pitch-perfect. Patsy worked as a soda-fountain waitress in her hometown of Winchester, Virginia before she got her first break, and song after song, Lewis-Michelson illustrates the star’s trajectory with great singing, freshness, and dramatic flair.

By the end of the evening—thanks to a great band and those great songs and Lewis-Michelson’s masterful performance—you will likely feel as if you’ve indeed met the great Miss Patsy Cline." 

Gail Obenreder

Broad Street Review

Click here for full review!

Sweeney Todd

"Todd Yard's Judge Turpin was coolly odious, while Meagan Lewis-Michelson was comically so as his cohort, a corrupt police officer called the Beadle. Yard and Lewis-Michelson  sang the difficult contrapuntal lines of "Kiss Me" with seeming ease."

Robert Nesti

Edge Media Net 


"The orchestra, located upstage, does excellent work (the conductor and music director is Dan Ryan). Also assets to this 'Sweeney Todd' are Meagan Lewis-Michelson as Beadle Bamford, Judge Turpin’s toady, and Ethan DePuy as the barber Pirelli."

Don Aucoin

The Boston Globe

The Prom

"Dee Dee and Barry’s hard-working PR person [is] Sheldon Saperstein, an excellent Meagan Lewis-Michelson."

Jacquinn Sinclair



"Meagan Lewis-Michelson keeps the comic relief fizzing."

Gillian Daniels

The New England Theatre Geek


"With publicist Sheldon (a charismatic Meagan Lewis-Michelson) along for the adventure, the five 'liberal democrats from Broadway' head to Indiana."

Linda Chin

New England Theatre Mirror

The Winter Wonderettes

"Meagan is a hoot in this comic role, especially funny when she crawls back onstage after intermission."

Michael Hoban

New England Theatre Mirror

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Nat'l Tour

"Meagan Michelson as [Mike's] pill-popping mother delivers a comedic highlight with her performance of 'That Little Man of Mine.'"

Jill Willson

Winnipeg Free Press 

BroadwayWorld Cabaret

"A musical theatre beltress turned a lot of frowns upside down with a little thing called HOUSEBOUND SOUNDS...When an entertainer has a voice that big, it must never be silenced...In the last year, Meagan Michelson has filmed forty-one music videos in an online series titled HOUSEBOUND SOUNDS...everything from Broadway belt-y classic to iconic pop songs...Meagan Michelson has been an ongoing source of musical, comedic, and poignant entertainment since April 25th, 2020, much to the delight and relief of her social media followers."

Stephen Mosher

Read the spotlight feature HERE.

"The oft-working singer/actor/cabaret diva works around the country and around the city, bringing her fabulosity to every role she plays and in her one-woman show 'Mother Mary Says To Me' she pays tribute to her own mother, Mary, in all her Bostonian, Irish-Catholic sensibilities."

Stephen Mosher

See the full article HERE.

"With covers of songs made famous by The Beatles, Carole King, Barbra Striesand and Liza Minnelli, people really will enjoy them, as Meagan makes each number uniquely her own."

Stephen Mosher

Check out the full article HERE.


"Meagan Michelson plays Miss Hannigan, the orphanage's caretaker and overall troublemaker. It was clear that Michelson was having as much fun playing the role, as the audience had watching her. I especially liked the fact that she was more childish and immature than most of the 8 year olds in her care."

Rich Mehrenberg


Read the full review HERE.


And check out my exclusive BroadwayWorld interview with Andrea Stephenson



"Miss Hannigan is played so wonderfully and comically by Meagan Michelson 

that you almost want to like her."

Hope Frick

Sarah Bozich Review

Big Bang Theory Off-Broadway

My solo from The Big Bang Theory: A Pop-Rock Musical Parody was featured on!  


Check out the video, featuring my delectable co-star John McGowan, HERE.

Mamma Mia!

"Rosie [is] played by the heir apparent to Bette Midler, Meagan Michelson."

Shane Riggs

Allegany Magazine 


Read the full review HERE.

Mother Mary Says to Me

"[The show] expressed the kind of gratitude one hopes to share with their own mother figure. I wish I had brought my Mom to see it; MMSTM had the kind of edge my Mumma Geek enjoys, and the heart to put a twinkle in anyone’s eye...Michelson has an invigorating belt that colors her storytelling with a spectrum of colors...This shading is particularly evident in her rendition of “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” It’s a funny but sad moment of reminiscing on romantic disappointments...[H]er voice’s color really shines...Michelson performs for us with vulnerability and comedic bravada. This performance was sold out – and with good reason. Next time she’s in town, be sure to buy your tickets early."

Kitty Drexel

The New England Theatre Geek 

"Back from her world tour of Boston, Meagan returns to Feinstein's/54 Below with her hit cabaret, Mother Mary Says to Me." Read the full Broadway World by Nicole Rosky article HERE!

WaistWatchers National Tour

"One of the show's unsung heroes is Meagan Michelson, who first greets the audience and works to get us pumped up for the show, then comes back onstage in various laugh-inducing guises."

The O.C. Register 

The Boston Globe

"Michelson follows her dreams onto stage."

Read my artist spotlight in The Boston Globe HERE!

The Harvard Crimson

The Harvard Crimson interviews me about my road to pursuing a life in the limelight.

Read the feature HERE!

Fiddler on the Roof

I played busybody Mirala in Fiddler on the Roof  led by Broadway star Brad Oscar at Barrington Stage Company! Read the cast announcement HERE!

"[Meagan] gave me major Jennifer Simard vibes."


audience member

"ANNIE was the first show I saw on Broadway when I was 6 and I have seen it numerous times since. Meagan was BY FAR the best Miss Hannigan I have ever seen."


- ANNIE audience member

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